Brazos De Amor

Concern International Inc. provides funding, care, and mission work teams to Brazos de Amor (Arms of Love) children’s home in Agua Prieta, Mexico.

Brazos de Amor is home to as many as 45 children and young people ranging from newborns to young adults. Concern International provides a safe and loving environment for a new way of life for children that have been abandoned or separated from their families. The children are victims of poverty due to the country’s economic conditions. Many are victims of abuse and neglect coming from broken homes as a result of drugs, alcoholism, and prostitution. These children are abandoned and let to fend for themselves. They scrounge in the dump and eventually turn to a life of crime to survive. They grow up knowing the dark side of life. Most are not educated because it is more important to eat than to read or write.

Ruben and Rosy Talono provide love, mentoring, and training for the children that come to the “ranch” looking for a better way of life. They also make sure they go to school and get an education. The Talono’s and the staff are committed to making the lives and world of these hurting children a better and safer place to live.