Netent Slot Background

From a small unknown company, Netent have perhaps become the best and most popular online slot maker in the world shadowing giants like IGT, Microgaming and Novomatic. The compay enjoys massive following in most of Europe and the Nordics, they have also started penetrating regulated markets like New York in the US. Netent has always been careful to avoid any sort of legal infringement and stay within the state laws. It has avoided areas that are considered as legally grey like Canada, France and most of the states in the US where online slot gambling is either unregulated or prohibited. According to its site , Netent expanded its offering from online gambling to land based casinos in the UK, becoming a vital member of fixed odd betting companies.


Netent Game Software

All of the Netent softwares are developed in-house and their module casino is in use by over 300 online casino sites including help-srilanka . It has a user friendly software that has been built on the highest possible standards with many innovative and creative features that make it outstanding. Some of its best features include support of several languages (22 international languages), great usability, excellent management capabilities and interesting games. In addition, its software is compatible with Android and iPad devices and has a complete full screen text display capability making it easy to play on small devices. All games made by Netent are run by HTML5 while some of the early ones are compatible with flash discs and remote storage devices.

Free Netent Slots

Netent slots have realistic graphics that make the game very interesting and enjoyable. The slots have a management system that lets gamblers review essential data as well as view graphical information that is critical in improving their playing skills. The Netent free slots are also web based, making them easy to access and readily available to casino players. Up to last year, Netent had produced over 100 online slot games, including some of the most iconic ones like Roulette, Blackjack, Sic Bo among others. Despite the fact that Netent's live casino offerings and table games are very popular, most of the attention is being drawn to the ever growing free slots. Most gamblers want to play the free slot games.

Best Netent Free Slots

It is no secret that Netent offers some of the best online free slots. The company prides itself in making captivating and eye-catching games including some of huge banded tittles like the Netent Rocks series. The creation oversaw a trio of free slots created basing on the legendary music of Jimi Hendrix, Guns n Roses and Motorhead. Their best free slots are also based on entertaining movies like Scarface, Aliens and a whole lot of tittles that boast of huge following across the globe. Some of the best free slots include Dead or Alive, When Pigs Fly, Quest of Immortality and the recently created Storm Tower. These are very exciting slot games that both gamblers and casual players rank so highly.

Netent Free Slots Security

Being a well established and relatively experienced online game developer, Netent slots are safe to play. Over the two decades they have been in operation, Netent have mastered the art of slot security. They have utilized the latest technology of data encryption to protect and secure your account and information. Unlike many other slot makers, Netent has invested a lot in securing their software. It is very rare to hear of a security breach in Netent. So players are free to engage in the slot games without getting worried about their account security. As a matter of fact, Netent is ranked the best in terms of security and reliability. They have strong softwares that can't be violated in any way.