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Uganda - Grassroots Empowerment Opportunities (G.E.O.)

What is G.E.O.?

  • When the first children we took in asked this question, our answer was, and continues to be, “You are GEO.”

  • Empowerment begins at home and self-empowerment begins with each young person understanding they are equipped with God-given gifts to become what God is calling them to be. Each is also responsible for their own behavior, learning, and, to each other as equal members of our house, school, church, and community called Luwafu.

  • G.E.O.‘s goal with this first generation of children in our charge is to build their capacities to one-day lead G.E.O. into the future, serving children perhaps not yet born.

  • G.E.O. is a non-profit organization with board members. But the heart of G.E.O. is the orphans we have come to love as we watch them develop in compassionate, Christian young ladies, boys and girls.

  • G.E.O. began as a vision of two people. Sarah Wamujje, a Ugandan head teacher of a primary school, who brought children into her one-room apartment, as they were left behind by their dying parents.

  • Through her teaching, she met Dale Dieleman, a US educator working across Africa, who had also been touched by the enormity of the impact of AIDS on children.

  • In 2005, they began G.E.O. and opened a small home in Luwafu, a district within Kampala, the capitol of Uganda, for the orphans living who lived with Sarah, as well as supporting others outside the home but who are unable to pay secondary school fees.

  • Sarah and Dale are now wife and husband and divide their time between the USA and Uganda

  • Concern International and Growth Empowerment Opportunities together serve Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior with the common goal of reaching the lost and empowering them to fully understand the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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