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Nestled in the mountains in the outback of Sonora, Mexico is the village of Rosbayo.  There are approximately 60 farming and ranching families that live within a fifteen mile radius of town.  Taking a trip to this area is similar to taking a step back in time, you are more likely to encounter a horse and rider, or a team of mules plowing a field, than an automobile or tractor.  Due to its remote location and the lack of adequate numbers of children, there was no opportunity for the few children there to be educated, without going to live in larger distant city for the school year.  (Some families still choose to do this).

It is here that Concern International, a dedicated Christian couple from Rosbayo, and the local village people built a Christian school to educate their children, not only in academic classes, but in courses in Bible knowledge, social behaviors, and the Love of Jesus Christ.  At present there are nine children in school, eagerly learning important lessons of love, of Jesus, and sharing with others.

Due to the extreme poverty of the area, Concern International is also actively involved with the local church families, assisting with the basic needs of the community, helping to provide food, clothing, and hygiene tools, as well as medical care to those needing assistance.

Pictures from Rosbayo
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